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Bar Room Philosophers: Non-fiction book club, Manchester

Having bought myself a Kindle for Christmas I was determined to fill it (and my brain) with some interesting stuff. It's always fun to discuss and share new ideas, so I thought it might be nice to join a book club.

Searching online revealed a number of options, but I was concerned that I didn't quite fit the demographic. Even ones that don't openly describe themselves as 'girly' tend to be focussed on literature for the fairer sex. Spying a gap in the market, I decided to set one up myself. So here goes.

The idea is to meet up on the penultimate Sunday of every month at around 1pm in Brewdog Manchester to discuss a book. The areas of interest are philosophy, art, history, music, science, sociology, fashion etc etc...

For the first meet-up, on Sunday 23rd March, the book is Zen and the Art of Motorcylce Maintenance by Robert Prisig - I opted for this one as it seems to be a well-known classic that maybe not many people (from my generation at least) have read. It's available through Amazon in new, used and Kindle formats, so sourcing a copy shouldn't be a problem.

I think it would be a good idea for all who attend to bring with them the names of one or two books that they'd like to read next; and at the end of the meeting we will vote to see which one people prefer.

Don't be shy. If you're interested in meeting up, drinking good beer (soft drinks and wine are available too) and discussing some fantastic non-fiction, simply leave a comment below. As I mentioned above, the first meeting will be Sunday 23rd March, with the book being announced on Sunday 23rd February. Hopefully I won't be sat there on my own.